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Welcome to my blog! — March 6, 2017

Welcome to my blog!

I opened this blog a few months ago because I wanted a place for my unadulterated thoughts to be posted. I felt that seeing them on my journals wasn’t enough, and I somehow needed to bring them to the interweb. (Tbh, an entry about my crush(es), which I probably won’t post here, made me want to post them on a blog.) But I abandoned it for a while because I couldn’t find the time to transcribe my entries here.

Then, I came across Nate Punzalan’s blog, which sounds like the goal I’m aiming at for this blog. He inspired me to take up writing again, which I wasn’t able to do out of being busy and doubting my ability. So thank you, Nate. We met in Baguio but never had a real conversation. I’m in love with your art. Do I have a crush on you? Maybe, but not really. Haha 🙂

I want to write out of the overflow, the freeflow. I found out through Nate’s blog that these thoughts circulating around my brain do have weight, they do make sense. It was fun to read through his blog, to get a piece of his mind. I know I’ve got a lot of fans (naks), maybe it would delight someone to wade through these posts.

While climbing up and down the stairs in between writing this post, I thought of more than four topics to write about already. I’ll only share one.


Where am I now? Sure, I’m in Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates, but where I am in this thread called life? I’ve been pretty unproductive these days. I have a project to release my own blog domain, and time is running out for my deadline. I am accountable to my coach, Celine, and my friend DJ, who marked his phone calendar for my blog’s release, which is pretty cool and sweet and frightening at the same time. I haven’t been able to work on it because I got sick with the fever the past few days, and yesterday, we were at a friend’s house. But I better get on it today. Or else, I’ll feel bad about myself for not committing to my schedule.

Next week, we will be in Armenia. That’s a pretty sweet adventure. New languages to learn, new people to meet, new places to make gala-gala. I am excited.

Next Friday, we’ll be in Qatar. I’m supposed to speak in front of the youth there. I’m a little nervous, but I know God will be with me.

Today, I’m in the UAE. A pretty rad place, I found family in the church here, and I even found friends in the local Emiratis. At first I was mesmerised by the cultural diversity here, now I’ve pretty much seen it all.

Do I miss the Philippines? Yeahhhhh, kind of. I don’t think of it as much. I do miss Nepal. My home. Flashes of you dance in my dreams.


I guess I should write about another topic now. See you, and do make yourself at home in here. I hope my thoughts will somehow inspire you and make you start thinking on your own.